Integrate blockchain as a service now in your business. Fully decentralize your business from blockchain software, cryptocurrency and wallet address management, trading platform, and crypto payment gateway.

Blockchain Benefits

The trust it fosters
Its built-in privacy

Why Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) ?

BAAS removes much of the legwork of setting up a Blockchain
Deploying Blockchains is a Heavy lift and requires substantial up-front design work, technology selection, software development and testing
BAAS allows customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host, and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts, and functions on the blockchain

Our Blockchain Services

Variety of Software services, is developed by our Technical team. Calling APIs or Applying White Label in some cases, lots of legworks will be behind you to be part of the Blockchain Technology.
Cryptocurrency Management
Address Management
Transaction Management
Centralized Exchange​
P2P Crypto Trading Platform
Blockchain Explorer
Crypto Payment Gateway
Cold Wallet

The Technologies that we’ve used

Micro Service Architecture that helps Businesses to apply them according to their needs
Development Technologies are JAVA, Python, C++ , Spring Claud Framework
Reliable Infrastructure such as Docker, ELK (Log Management), RabbitMQ and Kafka (Messaging), MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle (DataBase)
High Security is provided on Data and Application. All private keys are encrypted and prevented to any access